The Flopro NeverKink Hose is a premium quality hose with kink free technology. The patented NTS inner knitted mesh layer will absorb any twists and kinks, giving you a frustration free hosepipe. Made from 25% recycled PVC, this hose also offers maximum durability with its dual outer layer to protect from UV rays for a longer life. It also has an anti-cut and abrasion surface for the smooth handling of all your watering jobs. A hose extender is also included. It has UV protection from -20 degrees to +60 degrees and also comes with a 30 year guarantee.

  • Premium quality hose with unique 6 layer structure
  • Patented NTS inner knitted mesh prevents kinks and twists
  • Special anti-UV formula for extra long life
  • Anti cut and abrasion surface for smooth handling
  • Includes hose extender for attaching to other hoses

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 15 cm


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