Herb Food 175ml

Herb Food 175ml

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Herbs have been used by people since forever to cure diseases, create lovely fragrances and – of course – prepare delicious meals. There’s nothing like the taste of potatoes, soups, salads, or even spaghetti when some basil, coriander or chives are sprinkled on them! If you have a free spot in your kitchen with at least several hours of sunshine a day, growing your own herbs will turn out to be an incredibly rewarding experience. If you’re concerned of the effort involved in growing your own herbs, rest assured that it is not difficult at all. Other than light and water, your herbs will only require feeding every couple of weeks with a balanced fertiliser while the plants are actively growing. Baby Bio® Herb Food is just right for what you need – its perfect balance of nutrients encourages strong, healthy growth and promotes good taste and aroma for all home-grown herbs.

    • A simple way to produce tasty and aromatic herbs.
    • A perfect balance of nutrients for all home-grown herbs.
    • Use once every two weeks during active growth periods.

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