Baby Bio Orchid Food Drip Feeders (4 Pack)

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If you love your Orchids but you’re guilty of not having the time to tend them, you’ll surely love the Baby Bio® Orchid Drip Feeders! Convenient and worry free, the Baby Bio® Orchid Drip Feeders will keep your Orchids looking their best. Simply shake well before use, and cut the tip off the drip feeder using scissors. Then push the feeder into your plants pot with the cut tip in the soil. Water your plant as usual and leave in place for 3-4 weeks until the feeder is empty. Handy tip, use one drip feeder in pots up to 15-20cm, more than one feeder can be placed in larger pots.


Pack of 4 40ml feeders.

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Dimensions 6 × 9 × 13 cm


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