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Turf is ready-made rolls of grass. The grass is sown and grown by a specialized company, which then cuts and rolls up the grass. You only have to roll out those turf on a suitable surface. Making a new lawn with turf? It’s easy with our step-by-step plan.

When is the best time to lay turf? It is best to do this at the beginning of the growing season. In warm weather it is possible from March. It is also possible in the summer, but choose a cloudy day for this job and make sure that there is good spraying afterwards. In case of too dry summers or frost on the ground, you better wait a while.

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Turf deteriorate in quality if they lie too long. Therefore, order them on time and place them within 18 hours of delivery. Most turfs consist of a playing field mixture. This is a strong mixture of various grasses, ideal for gardens where children play, but also for places where people walk a lot.

Laying Turf step by step

  1. Determine where you want your lawn. Prick a few posts along the lines and string a string between them.
  2. Calculate the number of turf you need. Measure the area (length x width). Turf are supplied on rolls. When rolled out, they are 2.5 meters long and 40 cm wide. So one roll is 1m2.
  3. Dig soil 1 spade (10-15cm) deep and remove stones. Even if you have the taste now, leave the soil alone for a few weeks and hoe only the emerging weeds.
  4. Just before laying the turf, rake the top layer about 1 to 2 cm loose. Mix compost and potting soil into the top layer. Smooth it out by stamping it or use a plank that you ‘roll’ over the top layer.
  5. Wet the soil well before rolling out the turf. Roll the turf as close together as possible. The result is best when you lay the turf in a semi-stone bond.
  6. Tamp the turf well or roll it with a roller, so that the surface has good contact with the earth. Trim the edges with an edge tape measure.
  7. Spray well daily for the next two weeks, twice a day if necessary. After that time, the grass has grown and can handle less water. Fertilize the lawn regularly, at least within 4 weeks after laying the turf. Depending on the type of manure, this is 2 to 5 times per season. For more information, please contact an employee at Ellie’s Garden Centre .

After a week you can mow your new lawn for the first time.