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Plants are just like people, they don’t like exercise in full sun. So prune on a cloudy day, otherwise you have a chance of yellow burnt edges on the leaves.

  • Bamboo can be pruned back considerably, but does need extra food after pruning.
  • Shrubs that bloomed in spring can now be pruned back. Think of a Camellia, Forsythia or early flowering Prunus.

The lawn

Enjoy your lawn, nothing beats a tender green carpet under your feet.

  • The smell of cut grass, delicious! Nice job for the children on Saturday?
  • Fertilizing once a month ensures a healthy lawn.

Are you planning to build a lawn? In May, sods are again available in our stores. For more information, please contact Ellie’s Garden Centre. Do you want to know how to lay turf?
Here we explain it to you in 7 steps.

The pond

  • Loose strife or cattail are fun along the pond edge. View more plants for along the edge of your pond here.
  • Check and clean the filters.
  • Algae spoil the climate of your pond, you can easily combat them with a device that delivers electrical pulses or a biological agent.
  • Provide sufficient water plants, floating plants and bank planting, which is also great for frogs and salamanders.

The vegetable garden

This is the best month of the year for the vegetable garden. You can now plant almost everything, no stress!

  • And if you don’t have a lot of time and still want vegetables from your own garden? Then you switch to, for example, chives, dill, garlic, bay leaves, lavender, mint, leek and green bean.
  • The first beets and carrots are ready for harvest mid-month.
  • The kiwis can now be planted. To be sure of fruits, we have the ‘kiwi marriage’ for you: a male and female in a pot.
  • Check the apple tree regularly for mildew.
  • Check the strawberries weekly for pests and put them on straw.

The border

May is also called flowering month and that is no wonder. What an overwhelming color!

  • Fattening remains important, do it regularly. This way you ensure that your plants remain strong and healthy and are therefore less susceptible to diseases.
  • Potted plants can do this on their own for the time being: potting compost already has many nutrients in it.
  • Fill the planters and your pots with the most beautiful summer bloomers, a new addition will quickly refresh your terrace.
  • Remember the names of the potted plants by writing them on a Popsicle stick or clothespin. Looks nice too.
  • Seeds of one- or two-year-olds can go straight into the ground. Think industrious groin, hollyhock, snapdragon and poppies.

Balcony and terrace

Turn your outdoor room into a paradise, it is not that difficult. Give a piece of wall a cozy color, put some flower pots against it and look for flowering plants in the same color scheme.

  • Did you know that at Ellie’s Garden Centre you can also find nice garden furniture for a small terrace or balcony ? Think of a hanging chair, lounge sofa or bistro set. Add a few cushions and you have a cozy terrace or balcony in no time.
  • If you are putting together a hanging basket, put a piece of plastic or a saucer at the bottom so that some water can remain in it. Then such a basket does not dry out so quickly
  • Styling tip: place several plants close together or choose one large plant for a spacious effect.